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Bubnashwar circle

3D Models

(Konark Sun Temple)

Kalinga architecture The structure lying in front of the Jagamohana (Audience Hall) is the Nata Mandapa (Dancing Hall) of Konark temple. It is also known as Nata Mandira. The nata Mandira is located at a short distance from Jagamohana on the east. It is built on a high platform which is 3.6 meters in height. The Nata Mandapa has sixteen pillars on the platform, and the central four pillars are taller than the surrounding pillars, so it suggests that it had a sloping/pyramidal roof. The plan of the Nata Mandira is square. The platform of the Nata Mandapa is approached by four stairways in the centre of all four sides. The eastern stairway is the main entrance. The two colossal gaja-simha structures (lion upon elephant) are placed in front of the eastern stairway.

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