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Solar Panel Installation

Solar thermal power stations can provide a high percentage of our primary energy needs in the future. Keeping the vision of sustainable electric power in sight, specialists are constantly developing new technologies and methods to make electricity from the desert even more efficient, and cost-effective Sens is pleased to be partaking in that vision.
It is stormy. Stone particles and rough sand fly through the air randomly hitting susceptible measuring equipment and the mirror faces of a solar thermal power station. Over 7,000 solar field collectors stand in rows, side by side.
Which has been damaged? How do we localize the potential sources of problems? 

Energy Efficiency Consultation

Using high-tech quad copters from Sens Technology.
These are deployed everywhere where the human eye needs special assistance, such as in the area of Aerial Inspection.
With its robust, weather-resistant carbon fibre body, fitted with a high-resolution camera, the ultra-lightweight drone achieves a flight duration of over 30 minutes, and is thus tailor-made for just about any application in this industry. 

Sens Geomatic, in combination with thermal imagers, is the ideal platform for thermal imaging applications.The stable flight characteristics of our UAV’s coupled with its dual or fixed axis stabilized camera mount generates crisp high- resolution thermal images from the air for example of large-scale solar power plants, industrial buildings and wind turbines.
​With the ultra-light fully radiometric infrared camera system specially developed for use on a UAV’s creates high-quality thermal images. With the live video package, you have full control over the image section of the infrared camera. 

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