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Under Water Inspection & Scan

Underwater exploration and data collection has been a challenge for humans since ages,

with the current development in science and technology, this has become relatively more efficient 

Search And Rescue:
In recent years, there have frequently been drowning accidents in India. In order to improve the response speed and efficiency of rescue and search, municipal rescue teams urgently need new-type emergency equipment,and help frogmen obtain more detailed underwater conditions and gain more time for rescue.
The search area is wide; depth is about 10m, measured by underwater drone;The river flows through urban areas; Sedimentation on the river bottom; Poor water quality, low visibility.
Based on the superior manoeuvrability of the underwater drone Sens 1 (MAX Speed:1m/s; Dive capacity:100m; The radius of movement is 150m), rescue worker can operate ashore and execute a wide range of search work by underwater drone.
The Sens 1 can be equipped with a high-capacity battery that can be used continuously for up to 2 hours. Based on the Sens 1 replaceable battery design, the machine's working time is greatly extended, and the efficiency of the rescue work is increased.
Sens 1 is equipped with depth, temperature sensor and 4K high-definition EIS camera. The rescue worker can watch in real-time the underwater environment and the condition of the salvage so that rescue team develops easier a salvage plan.
The motor of the Sens 1 is of anti-casualty design. Compared to conventional underwater drones, this design reduces the risk of motor blockage greatly and ensures search work carry out efficiently.

Inspects the Condition of Underwater Sewage Pipeline:
Water Quality Supervision can inspect and evaluate the underwater discharge pipelines of industrial enterprises under supervision. The operators assisted with the survey sampling, inspection image recording and other routine assessment work through S1.
Business Pain Points:

  •    1. Due to the circular design of the pipe, the light at the bottom is weak, so it is not easy to inspect.

  •    2. Part of the pipeline laying system is more complicated, and it has strong endurance requirements for the inspection equipment.

Solutions & Advantages:

  •    1. Sens S1, equipped with 2 * 1000 lumens LED lights, which could compensate for the lack of light underwater and lower risks of inspections

  •    2. Sens S1 has a maximum battery life of 4 hours. And swappable batteries meet needs of longtime inspection.

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